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NameOrbit TypeOrbit Height (km)Repeat Cycle (days)Launched inOut of service sinceOrganisation
ADEOS Sun Synchronous7974119961997JAXA - Japan
ADEOS-II Sun Synchronous803420022003JAXA - Japan
Aeolus Sun Synchronous32072018 ESA
ALMAZ-1 Non Sun Synchronous370 19911992NPO - Mashinostroyeniya
ALOS Sun Synchronous7024620062011JAXA - Japan
ALOS-2 Sun Synchronous628142014 JAXA - Japan
ALOS-3 Sun Synchronous669352020 JAXA - Japan
ALOS-4 Sun Synchronous628142020 JAXA - Japan
AlSat-1 Sun Synchronous68642002 ASAL - Algeria
AlSat-1B Sun Synchronous68072016 ASAL - Algeria
AlSat-2A Sun Synchronous686 2010 ASAL - Algeria
AlSat-2B Sun Synchronous670 2016 ASAL - Algeria
Aqua Sun Synchronous705 2002 NASA - USA
ASNARO-1 Sun Synchronous504 2014 J-spacesystems - Japan
ASNARO-2 Sun Synchronous504 2018 J-spacesystems - Japan
AURA Sun Synchronous705162004 NASA - USA
BEIJING-1 Sun Synchronous  2005 NRSCC - China
BILSAT Sun Synchronous686 20032006TUBITAK UZAY/STRI- Turkey
BIOMASS Sun Synchronous660262022 ESA
BIRD Sun Synchronous572 20012006DLR - Germany
BlackSky Global 1 Sun Synchronous505 2018 BlackSky - USA
BlackSky Global 2 Sun Synchronous575 2018 BlackSky - USA
CALIPSO Sun Synchronous705 2006 NASA - USA
CartoSat-1 (IRS-P5) Sun Synchronous6181162005 ISRO - India
CartoSat-2 Sun Synchronous63542007 ISRO - India
CartoSat-2 Series (2C) Sun Synchronous505 2016 ISRO - India
CartoSat-2 Series (2D) Sun Synchronous505 2017 ISRO - India
Cartosat-2 Series (2E) Sun Synchronous505 2017 ISRO - India
Cartosat-2 Series (2F) Sun Synchronous505 2018 ISRO - India
CartoSat-2A Sun Synchronous635 2008 ISRO - India
CartoSat-2B Sun Synchronous63742010 ISRO - India
CartoSat-3 Sun Synchronous450 2019 ISRO - India
CBERS-1 Sun Synchronous778261999 INPE - Brazil
CBERS-2 Sun Synchronous7782620032009INPE - Brazil
CBERS-3 Sun Synchronous7782620132013INPE - Brazil
CBERS-4 Sun Synchronous778262014 INPE - Brazil
CBERS-4A Sun Synchronous778312019 INPE - Brazil
CFOSAT Sun Synchronous519132018 CNSA - China
CloudSat Sun Synchronous705 2006 NASA - USA
COMS-1 Geostationary35786 2010 KARI - Korea
Coriolis Sun Synchronous83082003 US Naval Research Lab
COSMO-SkyMed Sun Synchronous620162007 ASI - Italy
Cosmos Sun Synchronous800 19872008ROSCOSMOS - Russia
CryoSat-2 Non Sun Synchronous7173692010 ESA
CSG-1 Sun Synchronous619162019 ASI - Italy
CYGNSS Non Sun Synchronous500 2016 NASA - USA
Deimos-1 Sun Synchronous65032009 DEIMOS - Spain
Deimos-2 Sun Synchronous62022014 DEIMOS - Spain
DEMETER Sun Synchronous715 20042010CNES - France
DMC-3/TripleSat Sun Synchronous64712015 SSTL - UK
DMSP-F16 near polar - sun synchronous830 2003 US Department of Defense
Earth Probe Sun Synchronous740 19962005NASA - USA
earth-i Sun Synchronous5000.52019 earth-i
EarthCARE Sun Synchronous393252021 ESA
ECOSTRESS on ISS Other40832018 NASA - USA
Electro-1 Geostationary  19942000ROSHYDROMET - Russia
Elektro-L Geostationary36000 2011 ROSHYDROMET - Russia
EnMAP Sun Synchronous652272020 DLR - Germany
ENVISAT Sun Synchronous7833520022012ESA
EO-1 Sun Synchronous7051620002017NASA - USA
EO-3 GIFTS Geostationary36000   NASA - USA
EROS-A Sun Synchronous53042000 ImageSAT International
EROS-B Sun Synchronous52042006 ImageSAT International
EROS-C Sun Synchronous510 2019 ImageSAT International
ERS-1 Sun Synchronous7853519912000ESA
ERS-2 Sun Synchronous7853519952011ESA
FedSat Sun Synchronous803 20022007CSIRO - Australia
Fengyun-1C/1D Sun Synchronous8631219992012NSMC - China
Fengyun-2A Geostationary  19972000NSMC - China
Fengyun-2B Geostationary  20002006NSMC - China
FengYun-2E Geostationary36000 2008 NSMC - China
FengYun-2H Geostationary3600 2018 NSMC - China
FengYun-3A Sun Synchronous836 2008 NSMC - China
FengYun-3B Sun Synchronous836 2010 NSMC - China
FengYun-3C Sun Synchronous836 2013 NSMC - China
FengYun-4A Geostationary35786 2016 CMA - China
FLEX Sun Synchronous815272022 ESA
FORMOSAT-1 Circular600 19992004NSPO - Taiwan
FORMOSAT-2 Sun Synchronous891 20042016NSPO - Taiwan
FORMOSAT-3 Circular800 2006 NSPO - Taiwan
FORMOSAT-5 Sun Synchronous720 2017 NSPO - Taiwan
GaoFen-5 Sun Synchronous  2018 CNSA - China
GCOM-C1 Sun Synchronous79822017 JAXA - Japan
GCOM-W1 Sun Synchronous70022012 JAXA - Japan
GEO-KOMPSAT-2A Geostationary35786 2018 KARI - Korea
GEO-KOMPSAT-2B Geostationary35786 2019 KARI - Korea
GeoEye-1 Other681 2008 DigitalGlobe
Geosat Follow-On (GFO) Sun Synchronous8001719982008US Naval Research Lab
GISAT Geostationary35786 2019 ISRO - India
GLORY Sun Synchronous705 20112011NASA - USA
GMS-5 Geostationary  19952003JMA - Japan
GOCE Sun Synchronous235 20092013ESA
GOES-10 Geostationary35800 19972009NOAA
GOES-11 Geostationary35800 20002011NOAA
GOES-12 Geostationary35800 20012013NOAA
GOES-13 Geostationary358000.012006 NOAA
GOES-14 Geostationary35800 2009 NOAA
GOES-15 Geostationary35800 2010 NOAA
GOES-16 (GOES-EAST) Geostationary35786 2016 NOAA
GOES-17 (GOES-WEST) Geostationary35786 2018 NOAA
GOES-8 Geostationary35800 19942004NOAA
GOES-9 Geostationary35800 19952007NOAA
GOES-T Geostationary  2020 NASA - USA
GOES-U Geostationary  2024 NASA - USA
GOKTURK-2 Sun Synchronous7002.52012 TUBITAK UZAY/STRI- Turkey
GOSAT Sun Synchronous66632009 JAXA - Japan
GOSAT-2 Sun Synchronous61362018 JAXA - Japan
GPM Core Non Sun Synchronous407 2014 NASA - USA
GRACE Near polar437 20022017NASA - USA
GRACE-FO Near polar490302018 NASA - USA
Himawari-8 Geostationary358000.00692014 JMA - Japan
Himawari-9 Geostationary35800 2016 JMA - Japan
HJ - 1A Sun Synchronous649312008 CAST - China
HY - 1B Other79872007 CAST - China
HysIS Sun Synchronous636 2018 ISRO - India
ICESat Near polar600 20032010NASA - USA
ICESat-2 Near polar498912018 NASA - USA
IKONOS Sun Synchronous681319992015DigitalGlobe
IMS-1 Sun Synchronous635 2008 ISRO - India
INSAT-2A Geostationary  19922002ISRO - India
INSAT-2B Geostationary  19932004ISRO - India
INSAT-2E Geostationary  19992012ISRO - India
INSAT-3D Geostationary35786 2013 ISRO - India
IRS-1A Sun Synchronous9042219881995ISRO - India
IRS-1B Sun Synchronous9042219912003ISRO - India
IRS-1C Sun Synchronous8172419952007ISRO - India
IRS-1D Sun Synchronous8242519972010ISRO - India
IRS-P2 Sun Synchronous8172419941997ISRO - India
IRS-P3 Sun Synchronous817519962006ISRO - India
Jason-1 Non Sun Synchronous13371020012013NASA - USA
Jason-2 Non Sun Synchronous13369.92008 NOAA
Jason-3 Non Sun Synchronous13369.92016 NOAA
JERS-1 Sun Synchronous5684419921998JAXA - Japan
JPSS-2 Sun Synchronous  2022 NOAA
JPSS-3 Sun Synchronous  2026 NOAA
JPSS-4 Sun Synchronous  2031 NOAA
Kanopus-V1 Sun Synchronous510172012 ROSCOSMOS - Russia
KANOPUS-V3 Sun Synchronous51052018 ROSCOSMOS - Russia
KANOPUS-V4 Sun Synchronous51052018 ROSCOSMOS - Russia
KANOPUS-V5 Sun Synchronous510 2018 ROSCOSMOS - Russia
KANOPUS-V6 Sun Synchronous510 2018 ROSCOSMOS - Russia
KOMPSAT-1 Sun Synchronous6852819992007KARI - Korea
KOMPSAT-2 Sun Synchronous685282006 KARI - Korea
KOMPSAT-3 Sun Synchronous685282012 KARI - Korea
KOMPSAT-3A Sun Synchronous528282015 KARI - Korea
KOMPSAT-5 Sun Synchronous550282013 KARI - Korea
KOMPSAT-6 Sun Synchronous505112020 KARI - Korea
KOMPSAT-7 Sun Synchronous685282021 KARI - Korea
Landsat 1 Sun Synchronous9071819721978NASA - USA
Landsat 2 Sun Synchronous9081819751982NASA - USA
Landsat 3 Sun Synchronous9151819781983NASA - USA
Landsat 4 Sun Synchronous7051619822001NASA - USA
Landsat 5 Sun Synchronous7051619842013NASA - USA
Landsat 7 Sun Synchronous705161999 NASA - USA
Landsat 8 Sun Synchronous705162013 NASA - USA
Landsat 9 Sun Synchronous705162020 NASA - USA
LAPAN-TUBSAT Sun Synchronous625 2007 LAPAN - Indonesia
MEGHA-TROPIQUES Sun Synchronous867 2011 CNES - France
MERLIN Sun Synchronous506282024 DLR - Germany
METEOR - 3M N1 Sun Synchronous1012320012006ROSHYDROMET - Russia
Meteor - M1 Sun Synchronous832 2009 ROSHYDROMET - Russia
Meteor - M2 Sun Synchronous825 2014 ROSHYDROMET - Russia
Meteosat 5 Geostationary35786 19912007EUMETSAT
Meteosat 6 Geostationary35786 19932011EUMETSAT
Meteosat 7 Geostationary360000.0119972017EUMETSAT
Meteosat 8 Geostationary360000.012002 EUMETSAT
Meteosat 9 Geostationary360000.0032005 EUMETSAT
Meteosat-10 Geostationary360000.012012 EUMETSAT
Meteosat-11 Geostationary360000.012015 EUMETSAT
Metop-A Sun Synchronous817292006 EUMETSAT
Metop-B Sun Synchronous817292012 EUMETSAT
Metop-C Sun Synchronous817292018 EUMETSAT
MetOp-SG 1A Sun Synchronous817292021 EUMETSAT
Metop-SG 1B Sun Synchronous817292022 EUMETSAT
Metop-SG 2A Sun Synchronous817292028 EUMETSAT
Metop-SG 2B Sun Synchronous817292029 EUMETSAT
Metop-SG 3A Sun Synchronous817292035 EUMETSAT
Metop-SG 3B Sun Synchronous817292036 EUMETSAT
MOS-1 Sun Synchronous9091719871995JAXA - Japan
MOS-1b Sun Synchronous9091719901996JAXA - Japan
MTG-I1 Geostationary35786 2021 EUMETSAT
MTG-I2 Geostationary35786 2025 EUMETSAT
MTG-I3 Geostationary35786 2028 EUMETSAT
MTG-I4 Geostationary35786 2032 EUMETSAT
MTG-S1 Geostationary357860.041662023 EUMETSAT
MTG-S2 Geostationary357860.041662030 EUMETSAT
MTI Sun Synchronous575 2000 US Department of Energy
MTSAT-1R Geostationary35800 20052010JMA - Japan
MTSAT-2 Geostationary35800 20062015JMA - Japan
NigeriaSat - 1 Sun Synchronous686 20032012NASRDA - Nigeria
NigeriaSat - 2 Sun Synchronous700 2011 NASRDA - Nigeria
NigeriaSat - X Sun Synchronous700 2011 NASRDA - Nigeria
NIMBUS-7 Sun Synchronous955619781994NASA - USA
NISAR Sun Synchronous  2021 NASA - USA
NOAA-10 near polar - sun synchronous8331119862001NOAA
NOAA-11 near polar - sun synchronous8701119882004NOAA
NOAA-12 near polar - sun synchronous8331119912007NOAA
NOAA-14 near polar - sun synchronous8701119942007NOAA
NOAA-15 near polar - sun synchronous833111998 NOAA
NOAA-16 near polar - sun synchronous870112000 NOAA
NOAA-17 near polar - sun synchronous833112002 NOAA
NOAA-18 near polar - sun synchronous870112005 NOAA
NOAA-19 near polar - sun synchronous870 2009 NOAA
NOAA-20 (JPSS-1) Sun Synchronous824202017 NOAA
NovaSAR-1 Sun Synchronous580142018 SSTL - UK
OceanSat-1 Sun Synchronous720219992010ISRO - India
OceanSat-2 Sun Synchronous72022009 ISRO - India
OceanSat-3 Sun Synchronous72022019 ISRO - India
OCO-2 Sun Synchronous705162014 NASA - USA
OCO-3 on ISS Other407 2019 NASA - USA
ODIN Sun Synchronous625 2001 SNSB - Sweden
OptiSAR Other  2021 Urthecast - Canada, USA, Spain
OrbView-1 Sun Synchronous740 19952000Orbital ATK
Orbview-2 Sun Synchronous7051619972010Orbital ATK
Orbview-3 Circular470320032007Orbital ATK
PACE Sun Synchronous676 2022 NASA - USA
Parasol Sun Synchronous705 20042013CNES - France
Planet - Dove Sun Synchronous400 2015 Planet - USA
Planet - Dove, Flock 1c Sun Synchronous600 2014 Planet - USA
Planet - Dove, Flock 2k Sun Synchronous455 2017 Planet - USA
Planet - Dove, Flock 2p Sun Synchronous495 2016 Planet - USA
Planet - Dove, Flock 3k Sun Synchronous485 2018 Planet - USA
Planet - Dove, Flock 3m Sun Synchronous510 2017 Planet - USA
Planet - Dove, Flock 3p Sun Synchronous495 2017 Planet - USA
Planet - Dove, Flock 3p' Sun Synchronous500 2018 Planet - USA
Planet - Dove, Flock 3r Sun Synchronous485 2018 Planet - USA
Planet - Dove, Flock 3s Sun Synchronous585 2018 Planet - USA
Pleiades 1A Sun Synchronous694262011 CNES - France
Pleiades 1B Sun Synchronous694262012 CNES - France
Pleiades Neo Sun Synchronous  2020 Airbus Defence and Space
PRIRODA-MIR Sun Synchronous400 19962001ROSCOSMOS - Russia
PRISMA Sun Synchronous615292019 ASI - Italy
PROBA-1 Sun Synchronous61572001 ESA
PROBA-V Sun Synchronous82012013 ESA
Quickbird Sun Synchronous450 20012015DigitalGlobe
QuikSCAT Sun Synchronous803 1999 NASA - USA
RADARSAT Constellation Mission Sun Synchronous600122019 MDA - Canada
RADARSAT-1 Sun Synchronous7982419952013CSA - Canadian Space Agency
RADARSAT-2 Sun Synchronous798242007 MDA - Canada
RapidEye Sun Synchronous6305.52008 Planet - USA
RASAT Sun Synchronous70042011 TUBITAK UZAY/STRI- Turkey
RazakSAT Other685 2009 ATSB - Malaysia
RESOURCESAT-1 (IRS-P6) Sun Synchronous8172420032013ISRO - India
RESOURCESAT-2 Sun Synchronous817242011 ISRO - India
RESOURCESAT-2A Sun Synchronous817242016 ISRO - India
Resurs DK1 Non Sun Synchronous480 20062016ROSCOSMOS - Russia
RESURS-O-1 Sun Synchronous835 1998 ROSCOSMOS - Russia
RESURS-O1-3 Sun Synchronous678211994 ROSCOSMOS - Russia
RISAT-1 Sun Synchronous536252012 ISRO - India
RISAT-2 Sun Synchronous550 2009 ISRO - India
SAC-C Sun Synchronous7051620002013CONAE - Argentina
SAC-D (Aquarius) Sun Synchronous657 20112015NASA - USA
SAOCOM-1A Sun Synchronous620162018 CONAE - Argentina
SAOCOM-1B Sun Synchronous62082019 CONAE - Argentina
SARAL/AltiKa Sun Synchronous800352013 CNES - France
ScatSat-1 Sun Synchronous720 2016 ISRO - India
SCISAT Circular650 2003 CSA - Canadian Space Agency
Seasat Sun Synchronous800 19781978NASA - USA
Sentinel-1A Sun Synchronous69362014 ESA
Sentinel-1B Sun Synchronous69362016 ESA
Sentinel-1C Sun Synchronous693 2021 ESA
Sentinel-1D Sun Synchronous693 2023 ESA
Sentinel-2A Sun Synchronous78652015 ESA
Sentinel-2B Sun Synchronous78652017 ESA
Sentinel-2C Sun Synchronous786 2022 ESA
Sentinel-2D Sun Synchronous786 2023 ESA
Sentinel-3A Sun Synchronous814272016 ESA
Sentinel-3B Sun Synchronous814 2018 ESA
Sentinel-3C Sun Synchronous814 2023 ESA
Sentinel-3D Sun Synchronous814 2024 ESA
Sentinel-5P Sun Synchronous824172017 ESA
Sentinel-6A/Jason-CS-A Non Sun Synchronous1336102020 EUMETSAT
Sentinel-6B/Jason-CS-B Non Sun Synchronous1336102026 EUMETSAT
SICH - 1M Non Sun Synchronous  20042007NSAU - Ukraine
SkySat-1 Sun Synchronous578 2013 Planet - USA
SkySat-2 Sun Synchronous637 2014 Planet - USA
SkySat-3 Sun Synchronous515 2016 Planet - USA
SkySat-4-7 Sun Synchronous500 2016 Planet - USA
SkySat-8-13 Sun Synchronous500 2017 Planet - USA
SMAP Sun Synchronous68532015 NASA - USA
SMOS Sun Synchronous75832009 ESA
SORCE Circular64512003 NASA - USA
SPOT 1 Sun Synchronous8322619862003CNES - France
SPOT 2 Sun Synchronous8322619902009CNES - France
SPOT 3 Sun Synchronous8322619931996CNES - France
SPOT 4 Sun Synchronous8322619982013CNES - France
SPOT 5 Sun Synchronous8322620022015CNES - France
SPOT 6 Sun Synchronous694262012 Airbus Defence and Space
SPOT 7 Sun Synchronous694262014 Airbus Defence and Space
SRTM Other233 20002000NASA - USA
SSOT Sun Synchronous  2011 Airbus Defence and Space
SSTL - S1-4 Sun Synchronous58012018 SSTL - UK
Suomi NPP Sun Synchronous824162011 NOAA
SWARM Near polar530 2013 ESA
SWOT Circular891212022 NASA - USA
Tandem-L Sun Synchronous76082023 DLR - Germany
TanDEM-X Other515112010 DLR - Germany
TARANIS Sun Synchronous700 2019 CNES - France
TecSAR Other800 2008 IAI - Israel
TEMPO Geostationary35786 2019 NASA - USA
Terra Sun Synchronous705161999 NASA - USA
TerraSAR-X Sun Synchronous514112007 DLR - Germany
THEOS (Thaichote) Sun Synchronous822 2008 GISTDA - Thailand
TIMED Non Sun Synchronous625 2001 NASA - USA
TOPEX/Poseidon Non Sun Synchronous13361019922005NASA - USA
TopSat Sun Synchronous686420052009UK Space Agency
TRMM Non Sun Synchronous3500.519972015NASA - USA
UARS Non Sun Synchronous470 19912005NASA - USA
UK-DMC-1 Sun Synchronous686 20032011UK Space Agency
UK-DMC-2 Sun Synchronous686 2009 SSTL - UK
Urthedaily Sun Synchronous  2020 Urthecast - Canada, USA, Spain
VENUS Sun Synchronous72022017 CNES - France
VNREDSat-1A Sun Synchronous680 2013 Airbus Defence and Space
Vulkan-Kompas-2 Non Sun Synchronous500 20052006ROSCOSMOS - Russia
WorldView-1 Sun Synchronous496 2007 DigitalGlobe
WorldView-2 Sun Synchronous7701.12009 DigitalGlobe
WorldView-3 Sun Synchronous61712014 DigitalGlobe
WorldView-4 Sun Synchronous617120162019DigitalGlobe
WorldView-Legion Other  2021 DigitalGlobe
YaoGan - 5 Sun Synchronous  2008 CAST - China

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