Multi-payload, super-spectral, high-resolution commercial satellite provides highly detailed imagery for precise map creation, change detection and in-depth image analysis

Launched in:2014
Repeat cycle:1 days
Orbit height:617 km
Orbit type:Sun Synchronous
Organisation: DigitalGlobe
Launched 13 August 2014

WorldView-3 websites


DigitalGlobe - Technical information
DigitalGlobe - Satellite information

Data ordering

MDA Geospatial Services
DigitalGlobe - Search and discovery
ESA Earth Online - Data access
ESA - Third Party Missions (data for research)

On Board Sensors

WV-3 CAVIS (WorldView-3: Cloud, Aerosol, water Vapor, Ice, Snow)
WV-3 MSS (WorldView-3: Multi spectral sensor)
WV-3 PAN (WorldView-3: Panchromatic sensor)
WV-3 SWIR (WorldView-3: Shortwave Infrared sensor)