Jason-3 is designed to measure sea level, as well as wave height and ocean surface wind speeds globally, every 10 days

Launched in:2016
Repeat cycle:9.9 days
Orbit height:1336 km
Orbit type:Non Sun Synchronous
Organisation: NOAA
Launched 17 Jan 2016

Jason-3 websites


NOAA NESDIS - Jason-3 mission
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AVISO - Jason-3 instruments
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CNES - Jason-3 mission
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Data ordering

CNES Aviso - Products guide
EUMETSAT EO Portal - Data Center access
NOAA NCEI - Jason 2,3 archive
PODAAC - Jason-3 data

On Board Sensors

AMR-2 (Advanced Microwave Radiometer - 2)
Poseidon-3B (Altimeter)