Advanced Earth Observing Satellite - II (also called Midori II)

Launched in:2002
Out of service since:2003
Repeat cycle:4 days
Orbit height:803 km
Orbit type:Sun Synchronous
Organisation: JAXA - Japan
Stopped after power failure on 24 Oct 2003.

ADEOS-II websites


JAXA EORC - ADEOS-II Science Project
DLR - World Data Center Atmosphere
JAXA - G-Portal product information

Data ordering

JAXA EORC - ADEOS-II Science Project
JAXA - G-Portal Data providing service

On Board Sensors

AMSR (Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer)
GLI (Global Imager)
ILAS-II (Improved Limb Atmospheric Spectrometer-II)
POLDER (Polarization and directionality of the Earth's reflectance)
Seawinds ()