Access to 30 centimeter resolution imagery

Launched in:2016
Out of service since:2019
Repeat cycle:1 days
Orbit height:617 km
Orbit type:Sun Synchronous
Organisation: DigitalGlobe
Originally built as GeoEye-2, renamed by DigitalGlobe to WorldView-4.
Launched 11 Nov 2016.
Delivering imagery since Feb 2017. Imagery available by 31 Aug 2017.
Failure reported 7 Jan 2019.

WorldView-4 websites


DigitalGlobe - Technical information
DigitalGlobe - Satellite information
DigitalGlobe - WorldView-4 specification
DigitalGlobe - WorldView-4 microsite
Harris - SpaceView 110
Maxar, DigitalGlobe - WorldView-4 failure

Data ordering

DigitalGlobe - Search and discovery

On Board Sensors

SpaceView 110 Imaging System (formerly GIS-2, GeoEye Imaging System-2)