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NameOrbit TypeOrbit Height (km)Repeat Cycle (days)Launched inOut of service sinceOrganisation
ADEOS Sun Synchronous7974119961997JAXA - Japan
ADEOS-II Sun Synchronous803420022003JAXA - Japan
Aeolus Sun Synchronous32072018 ESA
ALMAZ-1 Non Sun Synchronous370 19911992NPO - Mashinostroyeniya
ALOS Sun Synchronous7024620062011JAXA - Japan
ALOS-2 Sun Synchronous628142014 JAXA - Japan
ALOS-3 Sun Synchronous669352020 JAXA - Japan
ALOS-4 Sun Synchronous628142021 JAXA - Japan
AlSat-1 Sun Synchronous68642002 ASAL - Algeria
AlSat-1B Sun Synchronous68072016 ASAL - Algeria

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