ITC Satellites and Sensors Database



Launched in:2003
Out of service since:2013
Repeat cycle:24 days
Orbit height:817 km
Orbit type:Sun Synchronous
Organisation: ISRO - India
Mission ended 30 September 2013

RESOURCESAT-1 (IRS-P6) websites


NRSA - IRS-P6 Data User's Manual
ESA Third Party - ResourceSat-1
Indian Earth Observation (and Climate) Satellites

Data ordering

NRSC India - Bhuvan Open Data Archive
GAF AG Euromap - Data products
ESA - Image 2006 (38 European countries)
ESA Earth Online - Data access
NRSC / ISRO - Bhuvan Data Centre
GloVis (USGS Global Visualization Viewer)
ESA - Third party data
DLR - EOWEB Geoportal (EGP)
ESA - Third Party Missions (data for research)
USGS EarthExplorer

On Board Sensors

AWiFS (Advanced Wide Field Sensor)
LISS-3 (RESOURCESAT) (Linear Imagine Self Scanning System)
LISS-4 (Linear Imagine Self Scanning System)