EUMETSAT Polar System - Second Generation (EPS-SG 1A)

Launched in:2022
Repeat cycle:29 days
Orbit height:817 km
Orbit type:Sun Synchronous
Organisation: EUMETSAT
Launch planned for 2022

MetOp-SG 1A websites


Eumetsat - Metop EPS-SG
Eumetsat - EPS-SG Design/Sensors
ESA - Sentinel-5 mission
ESA - Sentinel 5 'mission'
ESA Sentinel Online - Sentinel-5

On Board Sensors

3MI (Multi-viewing, Multi-channel, Multi-polarization Imager)
IASI-NG (Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer - Next Generation)
METimage (Meteorological Imager)
MWS (MicroWave Sounder)
UVNS (Sentinel-5) (Ultra-violet, Visible and Near-infrared Sounder, mapping O3, NO2, SO2, HCHO, CO, CH4 and aerosol optical depth)