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NameDescriptionNo of BandsMission
3MI Multi-viewing, Multi-channel, Multi-polarization Imager12MetOp-SG 1A, Metop-SG 2A, Metop-SG 3A
AATSR Advanced Along Track Scanning Radiometer7ENVISAT
ABI Advanced Baseline Imager16GOES-16 (GOES-EAST), GOES-17 (GOES-WEST)
ACE-FTS Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment - Fourier Transform Spectrometer SCISAT
ACS Atmospheric Correction Sensor  
AEISS Advanced Earth Imaging Sensor System4KOMPSAT-3, KOMPSAT-3A
AHI Advanced Himawari Imager16Himawari-8, Himawari-9
AIRS Atmospheric Infrared Sounder7Aqua
Aladin Atmospheric Laser Doppler Instrument Aeolus
ALI Advanced Land Imager9EO-1

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